All thats left of me are memories of you

It's going to be easy for you to move on. I was just a lump of flesh for you. It's not hard for you to let someone touch your skin, breath you. It's hard. It's so hard for me because my body is my temple, my sanctuary. It is sacred to me. And you violated that sanctuary. You emotionally stripped me naked and then poured acid on me. You watched me burn. I loved you. I still do. I'm just mad about the fact I wasted my 5 most beautiful years on you. You.. Such a waste. I regret everything. All those long nights, those sweet moments, I regret you entering my life, because now that your gone, there's nothing of me left. I want me back. I could have given you the world. It hurts so much knowing that you will never be loved like you were loved by me, and it hurts even more to know you didn't value that love. That you chose to throw it away.

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